Aug. 25 (Tue)

13:00 Opening Tadashi SUGAWARA (Kanagawa University)
"How far have we come along this road?"
13:15 Kensuke KURIHARA (Institute for Molecular Science)
"Catalyst-producing system in a self-reproducing giant vesicle"
13:45Muneyuki MATSUO (The University of Tokyo)
"Bifurcation of Protocell Transformation Depending on the Maturation Degree of DNA-based Pseudoenzyme"
14:30 Kho NAKAGAWA (The University of Tokyo)
"Budding and collapse of bilayer membrane induced by chemical reaction"
14:50Yutetsu KURUMA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Construction of Self-Reproducing Minimal Cell"
15:20Shunsuke SHIMOBAYASHI(Kyoto University)
"Emergence of nanometer-sized raft-like domains in asymmetric lipid vesicles"
16:00Taro TOYOTA (The Univeresity of Tokyo)
"Self-propelled motion of micrometer-sized molecular aggregates underwater"
16:30Kentaro SUZUKI (Kanagawa University)
"Spontaneous Motion of Photo-active Oil Droplets"
17:00Masamune MORITA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
"Microfluidic synthesis of cell-sized liposomes for construction of artificial cells"

Aug. 26 (Wed)

9:00 Yuka SAKUMA (Tohoku University)
"Approach to Minimal Cell based on Membrane Physics"
9:30 Takehiro JIMBO (Tohoku University)
"Physics of self-reproduction of vesicle reveal by 3D analysis"
9:50 Naohito URAKAMI (Yamaguchi University)
"Molecular simulations of shape changes of vesicles"
10:20 Break
10:40 Pier Luigi LUISI (University Roma3)
"What is life? A systemic approach"
11:40Closing Masayuki IMAI (Tohoku University)
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