The protocel is a milestone in a pathway from a material world to a living world. To synthesize the protocel is a great target of the synthetic biology. On the other hand, recently soft matter physics focuses on non-equilibrium phenomena relevant to cellular life, such as self-propelling and self-reproduction. This workshop is planned to encourage communication between soft matter physicists and synthetic biologists. The topics discussed in this workshop is focused on the membrane dynamics relevant to the cellular functionalities including membrane physics, self-propelling, cell metabolisms, self-reproduction, interaction with information molecules, although the methodology is wide-spread ranging from mathematics, theories, simulations, and experiments. We believe that this workshop brings new insights to develop the protocell and related membrane physics. To encourage communication among all participants, the participants are limited.

Date and Venue

: September 18 - 20, 2013
: Sakura Hall, Katahira Campus, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
    #56 building in the campus map

Important Dates

: June 30, 2013
Abstract submission
: August 31, 2013

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