Sep. 18 (Wed)

10:10 Steven Boxer
"Assembly, imaging and transformations of model membranes"
10:55Nobuyuki Matubayasi
"Solution-Chemistry view of membrane effect on functional molecules in solution"
11:40 Masaki Sano
"Resarch on Non-equilibrium Systems Aims at Protolife"
14:15Qiang Du
"Phase field modeling and simulations of biomembranes"
15:00Satoshi Sawai
"Analysis and manipulation of self-organizing lipid signaling"
16:15Miglena I. Angelova
"Polarization of Lo and Ld domains induced by local pH gradients in GM1-containing protocell"
17:00Carlos Marques
"Transformation of lipid bilayers under photo-induced oxidation: bummer or crackerjack ?"
17:45Takashi Taniguchi
"Dynamics of two component membranes"

Sep. 19 (Thur)

9:00 Kensuke Kurihara
"Self-reproducing dynamics of PEG-grafted GV-based protocell"
9:45 Tadashi Sugawara
"Approach to Evolvable Protocell"
10:30 Break
11:00 Steen Rasmussen
"Protocelluar integration results and open issues"
11:45 Tetsuya Yomo
"Experimental evolution of artificial cell model"
12:30 Lunch
14:15 Peter Walde
"The possible role of soft interfaces for the origin of life"
15:00 Kenichi Yoshikawa
"Specificity of Cell-Sized Confinement"
15:45 Break
16:15 Stano Pasquale
"Semi-synthetic minimal cells: from origin of life to synthetic biology"
17:00 Yuka Sakuma
"Binary lipid vesicles having functions of protocell"
18:00 Conference party
Restaurant Hagi (in Katahira Campus)

Sep. 20 (Fri)

9:00 Primoz Ziherl
"Prototissues based on vesicle- and droplet-like model cells"
9:45 Junichi Ikenouchi
"Regulation of membrane structure by cytoskeleton"
10:30 Break
11:00 Tobias Baumgart
"Membrane curvature instabilities induced by, and curvature sorting of, BAR domain proteins"
11:45 Tsutomu Hamada
"Membrane lateral heterogeneity mediates the partitioning of nanocolloids in a size-dependent manner"
12:30 Lunch
14:15 Yasumasa Nishiura
"Dynamics of dissipative solitons in heterogeneous media and its application to biological problems"
15:00Masayuki Imai
"Chemophoresis of Neutral Phospholipid Vesicle"
15:45 Closing
16:30 Excursion (Matsushima Ichinobo)
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